Grim Ember

Grim Ember, a heart bestowed upon those whose lives were claimed by the sea, is granted only if the Abyss God, who is residing in the murky depths, wills it. The heart grants its master a new chance to walk on the surface of the earth. But as God’s love is not unconditional, the wielder must set out on a journey to fulfill the Abyss God’s wish, and only if you succeed, your new life is yours to keep. Or at least, so was promised.


Travel through ever-changing landscapes, cleanse the lands plagued by unimaginable horrors and abominations, and seek out the root cause behind the spawning of these defiled creatures. If your enemies prove to be too powerful and you were to fall, recover your wounds in the nearby village and change your strategies based on what you have learned.


Set out on an action-packed rogue-lite of turn-based strategic battles. Survive waves of enemies by learning from their actions and pinpointing their weaknesses, and thus finding the best strategies to prevail in combat. Use powerful abilities and unleash spells upon all who oppose you. Improve your weapons and armor and your abilities with the blood of your enemies.

Check back later for more. Planned release date 2021.