About Us

Fainward is a Finnish game development company with focus on game art  and  on creating new interactive experiences for the players.


Grim Ember steam store page is live!

Grim Ember store page is now live on steam! The game is still under development and is subject to changes, but you can follow, wishlist and send us feedback on the steam store and community pages or directly to fainward@fainward.com. Thank you for your support. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1224360/Grim_Ember/

Grim Ember

Grim Ember, a heart bestowed upon those whose lives were claimed by the sea, is granted only if the Abyss God, who is residing in the murky depths, wills it. The heart grants its master a new chance to walk on the surface of the earth. But as God’s love is not unconditional, the wielder must …


You can reach us via email at fainward@fainward.com.