About Us

Fainward is a Finnish game development company with focus on game art  and  on creating new interactive experiences for the players.


Abyss Creature

Abyss Creature Model Tris:      5 312 Textures 6 Base textures Emission texture Normal Map 29 Animations Abyss.Appear Abyss.Attack.1 Abyss.Attack.2 Abyss.Attack.3 Abyss.Cast.Attack Abyss.Cast.Attack.Start Abyss.Cast.Attack.Loop Abyss.Cast.Attack.End Abyss.Cast.Buff Abyss.Death.1 Abyss.Death.1.Shake Abyss.Death.2 Abyss.Default Abyss.Dodge Abyss.Eyeshake Abyss.Hit.Down Abyss.Hit.Front Abyss.Hit.Left Abyss.Hit.Right Abyss.Hit.Up Abyss.Idle.1 Abyss.Idle.2 Abyss.Idle.2.Start Abyss.Idle.Roll Abyss.Move.Backward Abyss.Move.Forward Abyss.Move.Left Abyss.Move.Right Abyss.Rage 12 Abyss Creature Prefabs 15 Materials Base animation …


You can reach us via email at fainward@fainward.com.